At Choice Automation, we understand the importance of technology and simplicity on your success.  For 20 years, our team has been balancing technology and simplicity and building simple, smart solutions that keep our clients running.

We drive every aspect of our projects to be high performance, feature rich, and maintenance friendly:

Design Documentation:  The right level of detail when you need it.

We provide detailed design documentation to support maintenance, training and future expansion, including:  electrical schematics, power one-lines, control architecture, control loop diagrams, sequence diagrams, user manuals, and maintenance references.

Electrical Control Hardware:  High performance.  Reliable.  Simple.  Sustainable.

We select high performance, readily available plc, servo drive, vfd, hmi, pc, safety, and network equipment with straightforward connectivity, minimal configuration, and maximum flexibility for future expansion.  Your uptime is our #1 priority.

PLC Software:  Exceptional functionality.  Feature-rich.  Easy-to-read.

We organize our plc software like an easy-to-read encyclopedia.  Standardized routines from our library are organized by function and equipment.  Tags are organized with straightforward nomenclature for easy access and future expansion.  Simplified object oriented structures improve reliability and readability without requiring a computer science degree.  Straightforward construction eliminates needless nested jumping, tag remapping, unused code and secret decoder rings.  Our flexible design enables simple future expansion.

HMI Software:  Run your process, not a pc.

We design our graphical user interfaces with fast and simple navigation, shortcuts, and convenient information so that your equipment operator spends less time operating a computer and more time running production and performing quality checks.

Diagnostics:  Get to solution, faster.  Run.

We load our projects with detailed diagnostics that get you to solution, faster, and provide information to help you predict oncoming problems.

Safety Systems:  Protection, reliability, and simplicity without compromise.  

We work with our clients to exceed their safety requirements while minimizing complexity, simplifying maintenance and avoiding the marketing hype of off-the-shelf product vendors.

Training:  We appreciate you, but we don’t want you to need us.

We take great pride in the work that we do.  When we’ve done our job, well, you don’t need us after we leave.  You can expect us to share our experience when your team and our’s work, together, during commissioning.  We will also provide flexible training to meet your needs, including plc, vfd, servo, hmi hardware configuration and maintenance, software review, graphical user interface operation, safety systems, user manuals and other training support.

Your success is our mission.

I welcome an opportunity to discuss how we can help you.


Chris Grootenboer
President, Sr. Technical Lead
Choice Automation


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